que mas se puede decir?

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bella apatia dijo...

Hibett: Great! I can see that you will experience intense love, you will form an union and feel muich better, want to know more?
user5036575: Yea
Hibett: I foresee that you will meet someone new, someone special. Please tell me, is there someone you are interested in?
user5036575: Taylor
Hibett: Ok. Tell me, are you spending time with him? Do you want to see him more often? tell me so i can establish the facts.
user5036575: Yea with her
Hibett: Sorry my bad. I can see that she s got the attitude you like about girls. Pick a number from 1 to 22 and i will tell you what you can expect from the future
user5036575: .12
Hibett: The world: This card represents the ending of an issue and the beiginning of a new phase. Stop making sense. Awake from your worries. Where is life. Seek for it
user5036575: Wat
Hibbet: What do you want to know about, love dating, friendship or money? Pick one so i can help you go further.

4 de agosto de 2009